Tuesday, 17 May 2011

We Ought To Expectorate Better

Today I saw a male person spit openly on the pavementof a busy high street.

It wasn't long before I saw a repeat of this incident by an almost identical shaven-headed pug.

Later I saw a young lady stroll towards me up the hill I was on and moments before reaching me, she also 'hocked one up'.

So my question is 'WHAT'S WITH ALL THE SPITTING?'

Vomiting in the street is generally frowned upon.  Urinating and defacation are out and out illegal but typically speaking people tend not want to make a show of this and unless a mental illness is involved, masturbating whilst leaning against a lamppost tends to be a rare sight yet not only do some folk not consider it irksome to befoul the street with their drool, they outright make a show of it.

Is it not time this maligning public spaces be upgraded to littering at the very least.  One can't be sure what makes these oafs imagine others might want to bear witness to their projectile drooling:-  It may be that so desperate are yonder 'spitters' to spread their spore that they eagerly fling their cells this way and that in any possible manner.

Perhaps the aforementioned goons think that if they collectively dribble enough spittle into the world, everyone with an IQ beyond the teens will drown in filthy idiot slaver

But a note to sputum launching curs;  I for one don't even want your trace DNA on the soles of my shoes so the next time you feel like dredging up your diseased discharge, remind yourself...oh who am I kidding?  You're not reading this.  You're probably watching The Only Way Is Essex, one hand permanently down the front of those filthy 'tracky bottoms' and drowning your one and only brain cell in the cheapest cider and resin your kid's benefit money can afford.