Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Old King Cola

Seasons greetings!

That's right; I do like this time of the year.

Folk will of course grumble that it's too early to talk about Christmas until whichever point they feel the festive season should suddenly go from being a dirty secret to a full blown tinsel-fest.  To those people I say 'fair enough but should there then be a referendum on when it should be then allowed to mention Santa and mangers and such.

For some the start of the twelve days is where it's at; for others the onset of December is the kick-off:- Frankly, I'd happily wish anyone a merry 'un if they were to approach me with a 'ho-ho-ho' any time in the weeks building up to the big day.  There is however a contingent of the populace out there with a somewhat disturbing marker of Yuletide's approach.

The first appearance of a winter themed Coca-Cola ad.

One has to question a series of motivations in this instance.  Firstly, why a commercial?  Not only the very thing that tends to be much maligned at any other time but also just that:- A company's showcase to shift more of its product.  Secondly, why Coca-Cola of all things?  Whatever one might think of the slew of advertisements from the supermarkets and dubious hamper merchants, at least they tend to be pushing Christmas specific wares.

What suddenly makes this one beverage, made primarily of carbonated water, sucrose, corn syrup, caffine, phosphoric acid and food colouring representative of the advent of many a religions figurehead is certainly up for debate.

I prefer Pepsi anyways.


  1. Im a pepsi max kind of guy myself, but i am not a muslim,jew,hindu, mormon, amish, shiek, sceintologist, catholic. i am infact a member of the peoples judean front. (quiters!)

    saying that, theres nowt wrong with a glass of doctor pepper every now and again, but i dont know what thats says about anything.

  2. Pepsi is way better. Plus, I don't trust any beverage that can take the paint off a car and liquefy bones...

    The Christmas-fest begins on Black Friday. Duh. ;)

  3. Coca-Cola, after Apple and Nike, is probably the third-best example of brand worship, so it kind of makes sense to me. Lately I've actually been enjoying Pepsi but generally speaking I like Coke better. However I'll usually take Gold Peak sweet tea over either.

  4. Yeah, that is kind of weird. Apparently santa used to be green until Coca-Cola got a hold of him!

    Anyway, it's not Christmas until the irn-bru advert's on! :)