Tuesday, 20 November 2012

One Of Our Halloween's Is Missing

Well here we are again.

There's been attempts at terror, explosions and burning effigies.  No, I'm not talking about the Middle-East but Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night here in good old Blighty.

The former there was a bit of let-down I thought.  Halloween would clearly do well to avoid falling on a Wednesday again as this seems to have affected the festivities.  The weekends on either side of Samhain were mostly bereft of costumed parties and on the day itself the only dark and disconcerting haunts I saw were the empty local boozers in my region, spookily empty and not in a good way.

Still, Bonfire Night proved slightly more robust with tyres and old pallets being wilfully destroyed for days on end this year, the UK especially gleefully sticking the V's up to Mother Nature and the Kyoto Protocol in order to celebrate the state sanctioned execution of some chaps over four hundred years ago.

Still, next year good old All Hallows' Evening falls on a Thursday.  This combined with the lack of 'owt down this year and the year being that of 2013 might ensure a decent night of ghost, goblins, witches, vampires and the like next time around.

If we survive that is.  More on that, next blog...

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  1. Halloween and trick or treating is just another example of the Americanisation of this glorious faultless innocent country of ours. Plus it is just a bunch of glue sniffing smack addicts begging whilst wearing a bin bag and shooting up drugs and having babies and not having a job..... bloody Thatcher!

    I need to stop reading the Daily Mail.