Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Kommons Kombat

Politics eh?

It's often cited as one of the things one shouldn't bring up in casual conversation for fear of upsetting a potential friendship, relatives wedding or meeting of the local coven, depending on whether or not you're from the Lancashire.

I confess to being a latecomer to the table, generally hiding my lack of interest behind the gossamer thin excuse that there's nowt you can do about 'em anyroad.

The thing of it is that as I get older, I'm actually finding politics and the world of the MP more and more interesting.  From the utter disbelief and exasperation at seeing my first House of Commons debate to the almost daily bunglings of the various MP's as they fall foul of zip wires, bigoted northern pensioners and their own expense receipts.

The trouble of course is that a bunch or grey men in grey suits are, on the surface of it, all too forgettable.

Of course all political parties employ 'spin' but the greatest example of this may well be unintentional.  When, to pick an example entirely at random, an MP hits the headlines because he may or may not have called a bobby a filthy plebeian, many people will be encountering this character for the first time - or at least think they are.  They may also come to realise that they don't even know which party said MP is presently in the employ of.

Sure they sometimes wear a coloured tie for the less discerning amongst us to work out who the goodies and baddies are (or baddies and less baddies for a more accurate picture) but I say lets go a step further.

Organisations such as Marvel, the WWE and them what make Mortal Kombat know the power of the easily discernible character.  Imagine how many more might tune in if a roided out Ed Milliband came to the commons debate to try to slam a servo-assisted mechsuit wearing David Cameron through a big pasting table whilst his back benchers held up placards with questions on them.

Voter apathy could easily be combated at the next election by a series of increasingly powerful politicians in brightly coloured costumes engaging in battles near the London Eye or outside Windsor Castle.

Having to bulk up, create special weaponry or seek out irradiated animals to get bitten by might stop these little scamps getting themselves into trouble and would also force the broadsheets to look a lot more like my beloved comics.

In fact, if this doesn't happen, I might go back to being an ignoramus.

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  1. I would be more inclinded to vote for any man or indeed woman who would take it upon themselves to scream "HAAAAR-DOOOK-UN!" for the sake of a couple of votes.
    This is EXACTLY what is missing from modern politics.
    Dave "Nuke-em" Cameron would become instantly more popular if he could shoot lasers out of his face, or if Harriet "A,A,B,B,up down,down START" Harman could slam dunk Boris "End of level boss" Johnston on Question time.
    Somebody make this happen.