Monday, 31 October 2011

Breathe In

So there's this new show that doing 'better than expected' by the studio that made it.  This does beg the question - if they had such little faith in it, why spend an estimated $4 million per episode?

Anyway, I digest:- It's called Terra Nova and it's about some bloke - probably called Jack Stonechin or Zach Cheekbones - and his family who have gotten to bugger off to the past and hang around in a dead nice time when there was loads of space and greenery and you only had to worry about getting eaten by dinosaur such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex (which existed during the cretaceous period, not the Jurassic age FACT fans - f**k you Spielberg, for that and the atrocious A.I. and War Of The Worlds).

The point being that you may wonder why Max Chisledfeatures got to do something so great.  Well, according to the pilot of said show, in about 150 years or so, the world will be a bit on the overpopulated side:- Proof positive that some people - namely the producers and writers - are either unrealistically optimistic or haven't had to interact with the world anytime recently.  This leads to the government finally getting round to imposing some sort of child limit on couples.

The trouble is Jake Hunkyballs evidently did a sex-wee in his wife not once, not twice but thrice, resulting in the three most perfect moppets you ever did see.  So in other words, Steve Cataloguemodel broke the law (making him a hypocrite), but because he has certain 'skills' (not sure how the ability to shoot foreigners on their way to work on a tube train or not be any use when rioting occurs in Manchester is going to help) he gets to take part in this great adventure, despite the fact that it's him and his ilk that created the hell on Earth he now gets to leave behind.

Finally we get to my point.

Why is it, that in these days of everyone having seventeen different coloured bins in their yard and fines being handed out if your dog does lays an egg, is no one stating the obvious.  That is that if people just eased off on the breeding - just for a bit - the whole planet would be incalculably better off!

Other films such as Children Of Men describe a future in which humanity has become infertile.  This results in the populace becoming volatile, violent and largely unpredictable.  I sat in bewilderment thinking 'I can't be the only person in this cinema that knows this scenario would be great'.

Think about it:- No more schoolkids making your work journey unbearable; Those of us not selfish or self absorbed or needy enough to have kids wouldn't have to shell out our taxes on schools and maternity wards; The rides at Alton Towers would be quicker to get on...

That's just the beginning!

If people whatever the whys and wherefores, just stopped dropping sprogs, there would be no need for the inevitable virus/nuclear/environmental/zombie holocaust we are odds-on favourites to be heading towards.  the human race would just kind of...go to sleep.

Better that then teetering on the white cliffs of Dover before being plunged onto the rocks below because a pair of feckless breeders inland decided what the world needed was more of them.

So f**k you Johnny Shiteatinggrin.  F**k you and your whiny, self-important brood.


  1. watching Terra Nova, i noticed that there were no really ugly people allowed thorugh the time machine either. only the good, the handy and square jawed were allowed thorugh. no fatties, no big noses or jug eared. not a sinlge pot bellied oaf amongst the lot of them. facists!

  2. Terra Nova looks like a bit of a fail to me, but I have not watched it, so I suppose I shouldn't pass judgment...

    Cretaceous Park just doesn't have that same ring to it. :D

    The population freaks me out, but no doubt Mother Nature will sort it out via an ice age or meteor or super-powered Marburg Virus.