Sunday, 2 October 2011

Musical Yoof

Tell me if you've heard this one before but... today is s##t.

Before you roll your eyes I shall admit this is a statement probably disliked by those who do and don't strongly agree.  For those that do it's because they've heard this before and it marks the return of a powerless and futile feeling of being unable to do anything about yet another aspect of life and those that don't agree will dislike the statement because...well...they're idiots.

The first argument of the scoundrel is always 'but there's always been rubbish in the charts'.  Well to this I say;

1 - Do 'the charts' even exist any more?
2 - You're right.  Let's give up at the first hurdle and let that be the main reason to aspire to less.  After all, if someone pissed on your living room carpet once before, by the same logic you may as well let them keep doing it.
3 - This may well be the case but that was in the days when a novelty song might have gone away after a week or two and not - as is often the case now - something to build a career on.

Combine this all with the fact that the offending tunes were generally forgotten whilst the greats shone though in retrospect.  The only trouble now is that for all the dross there don't seem to be any Beatles, Led Zeppelins, Rolling Stones Clashes or Doors.*

It seems there's still plenty to rebel against but any voice that might be remotely challenging is being shelved in favour of your 'singer/songwriters' (in a sane world you wouldn't need to highlight the fact that you go some way to writing your own material) crowing in the most banal terms possible about their navel-gazing procrastinations whilst plucking at guitars with all the energy and verve of a dying, arthritic pensioner medicated up to the eyeballs on Tramadol.

Our parents got rock, blues and punk.

We get Glee.

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  1. In every turd there is a sweetcorn.
    While it is true that . . (turns into a growned up and says) . . music today is utter tripe, there has been a glimmer of hope in our midst
    The virute of the verse, a champion of the chorus, bastion of taking it to the bridge, that will not and shall not EVER fade away. forget not the man known as Mr John Shuttleworth. For he will show us the way to true musical glory.