Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New Tech, Old Hat

Here in good old Blighty we have a comic that goes under the title of The Dandy.  Pre-dating the official sequel to 'The Great war', The Dandy was very much a magazine of its time.  Aimed at children it largely features several strips per issue including over the years the lakes of Bananaman, Desperate Dan and Korky the Cat.

The reason this is being told at you is that this year supposedly sees the end of the distributing of hard copy versions of the magazine seeing The Dandy become an on-line digital publication only.

 What new challenges might Dan face?

This seems to have been met with derision by old readers of the comic though I can't entirely fathom why.

It's true that I myself tend to lean towards having a preference for my sequential art in a form I can hold/lend/use as lining for the bird-cage should it happen to have been drawn by Rob Liefeld.  I do however understand that this decision will not have been taken lightly, after all, The Dandy is one of the three longest running comics of all time.

Truth be told, I never really liked The Dandy as a kid.  I seem to recall reading a few annuals of it and The Beano - Dandy's 'sister' comic - and finding them oddly depressing:- make of that what you will.  I also imagine that when told The Dandy was being taken off the shelves many people on your typical high street would say things like, 'I didn't know that was still going'; 'What the f**k are you on bout mate?; or indeed 'Nie rozumiem'.

I guess my point is it is always nice to have choice in these matters - as mentioned I am a thing made of things and like to have my things made of things I can...erm...see? - but I might also proffer the idea that given said periodical's decidedly antiquated/cosy take on the world, the complainers ought to consider themselves lucky that The Dandy is continuing in any format at all.

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  1. If the Dandy does goes digital and therefore needs to be downloaded, how are they going to get the free Wham bar to the kids?
    They normally just sellotape it to the front page which rips when you try to get it off (as i remember) but if it all electronic-o-fied how will that work?
    do they send a link to web page with a picture on it of a wham bar or a plastic helicopter? I'll tell you this for nothing - I don't bloody know!